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In the early days of mobile gaming entertainment, they still relied on classic smartphone apps. In the meantime, and with technical progress, the whole thing is being implemented via mobile websites. If your online gaming provider offers you such mobile access, you benefit from a number of additional advantages.

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What do mobile casinos offer?

If you have already played in the most incredible online casinos on the PC or Mac, then you know that a whole gambling portal awaits you. On it, you will find all the available games that you can play with both play money and real money. In order to take part in a gambling offer, you must call up the portal on your desktop computer or laptop. So you can play in an online casino from home.

If we now look at the smartphone compared to the large screen of the PC or laptop, then you will find a much smaller screen there. The offers that you call upon your mobile phone usually have the same scope in terms of game selection as on the PC. However, the design concepts were sensibly adapted to the small smartphone displays. This means that stationary elements are often used here, with which menu bars can be conveniently shown and hidden.

The game manufacturers have not only adapted their machines. Many of them have also given their live content special structures. In this way, live casino games can also be used sensibly on the sometimes very small smartphone screens. Incidentally, in the early days of mobile gaming entertainment, some game manufacturers did not cover a handful of machines with mobile offers. That has now changed and is very rare.

Mobile websites are now ahead

The classic access option via a smartphone app was initially the method of choice. The implementation of such a casino app resulted in high investment costs for the newest online casino. The app had to be programmed and maintained. By the way, this is one of the reasons why there were special mobile bonus offers during the introduction of casinos on mobile phones and gambling apps. Online casinos wanted to achieve that customers install and use smartphone apps.

There is now a trend towards mobile websites because smartphone apps provided had the advantage of 24/7 access on the go, but at the same time they took up storage space and generally only worked on somewhat newer devices. The biggest problem with the story, however, was that only apps for iPhone and iPad were offered in the official Apple App Store. Anyone who owned an Android smartphone looked into the tube. Here the apps had to be downloaded and installed manually from the casino provider’s website (if you are interested, has a great list of sites). That posed a real challenge for people with less technical experience.

If you access your online casino using your mobile browser on your smartphone today, you do not have to consider any storage space and you do not necessarily need a current model. The main thing is that the device has a stable internet connection and a mobile browser. This is then used to access the casino’s mobile website and its gaming portfolio. And since the implementation of a mobile website for a casino provider no longer represents a real investment threshold, the so-called mobile bonus offers are disappearing more and more. It is now even the case that the majority of online casino users play via mobile offers and with their smartphones. More than half of all players already rely on this option.