Online Blackjack

The advent of the digital age has made online blackjack more accessible and offer a greater variety of bets. Online Blackjack, despite its origins dating back to ancient times, is still one of the most popular card games today like the world famous online Poker. There are two versions: American and European Blackjack. In all the online casinos around the world, you can enjoy this game in the version you prefer. You will find from the classic 21 Blackjack online, to multiple bets that give more excitement to the game.

Top places to play

Whether it is American or European Blackjack, it is one of the favorite games among expert players. If you are still starting, here you will discover all the keys. You will enjoy interesting welcome bonuses, with live games to learn all the secrets. Anytime you want, you can also play for real money and experience the authentic gaming environment.

How to play Online Blackjack?

First, go to your favorite casino and register as soon as possible. Remember that online casinos, when registering, offer interesting welcome bonuses. These bonuses can also be used to play blackjack online. You can make free spins or increase your balance, so they are an excellent option to learn or try other versions.

Choose the version you prefer. American or European Blackjack, although the mechanics are similar, each version has its own rules. Knowing them well will help you increase your earnings and enjoy this game to the fullest. Pick a seat or choose to play multiple points. The croupier arranges the game table with 7 seats. You can choose one or more. The more seats you choose, the greater the advantage to increase your earnings., Place your bets. In free blackjack, the decks are made up of 52 cards. The dealer, after shuffling, will deal two cards to each player starting from his left. Finally, he will distribute two more for himself. The player who manages to add 21 points with his cards, without going over, and make Blackjack wins. Depending on the cards that you get, you can ask for more cards, make the bet you prefer or stand.

Blackjack rules

We always mention the importance of being able to learn the rules of a game, since this determines in the first place that we can win, or at least have greater chances of playing. Within the Blackjack it is necessary to know that all the players must sit around the game table and be able to obtain the objective which is to achieve a sum equal to or as close to 21.

The most important thing is not to go overboard, since if we do, we have already lost in front of the house. Let us remember cards have different values ​​and it is necessary that we can remember them, in this way it will be easier for us to obtain a good result, at least the correct one.

When talking about Blackjack it is important that, if we are playing for the first time or if we are newbies, we know the steps to bet online:

  • Initial bet: to be entitled to play a hand, the player must be able to make the initial bet, which is set by the bank in this case. When the bet is made, it is then possible to start playing.
  • Deal of cards: the dealer then deals the cards, in this case there are two that are revealed. Once this is done, players who are further away than the dealer from reaching 21 are out of hand.
  • Turn: it is important to know that within blackjack each player has a turn with which he has the right to perform a series of movements or actions that will allow him to be the winner or not. Turns must be respected and allow players to think about the next move to ensure they can win the hand at the end to the bench.
  • Hitting cards: Players will always have the right to hit a card if their hand is below 21.
  • Double Down: A player can always perform this action on the bet, although it can only be done within the starting hand. However, if we are sure of winning or having a good hand, we can take this action to win more in case it happens.