Online Slot Machines Origins

We are going to tell you all about the history of slot machines! This casino game is one of the most popular around. Many players have tried and continue to try their luck on these one-armed bandits. We will therefore explain to you how slot machines have become the essential game of online casinos for players. We will let you know the origins of your favourite casino game. You will find that you will enjoy these slot machines and their jackpots all the more. From the beginning of slot machines to their evolution until today, you will become a slot machine expert!

The creator of slot machines is none other than Charles August Frey. This genius is the one who developed this game which has become a staple of casinos, whether online or land. Charles Frey was born in the United States of a modest family. After having accumulated experience with Electric Works, Charles Frey wanted to spread his wings by being interested in a whole new concept which to begin as a mechanical video poker game. The first slot machine saw the light of day in 1895 and was called the Liberty Bell. Charles Frey then focused on mass production, and it was the official launch of the first slot machine. Slot machines of the time only had one payline. Everything was mechanical on the basis of three rollers and a crank. The symbols were extremely simple.

The evolution of slot machines

As we told you in our previous paragraph slot machines have changed enormously since Charles Frey’s Liberty Bell. In fact, in the chronological order of things, slot machines first evolved in land-based casinos. We have seen the slots go from a payline and three reels to multi-line slots, as well as progressive jackpots. This was the first evolution we were able to witness. The advent of online casinos gave birth to virtual casino games. Virtual slot machines have followed the same evolution as those of land-based casinos. Indeed, online casinos began by introducing classic slot machines with three reels and a payline.

In the 1960s, with the advent of new technologies, slot machines were completely overhauled. Automatic payout of winnings has been added, sound animations have appeared. Land-based casinos very quickly integrated them and the players responded. Today, moreover, you can no longer find any land-based casino that does not have slot machines with sometimes still this famous lever to activate the machine that made them so famous.

The star of land-based casinos

Whether in brick-and-mortar casinos or the best online casinos, the slot machine is the most popular game. You have new ones coming out on the market every month so that gamers never get bored. Some, moreover, are very successful.

It is online that this evolution is the most dazzling. Some establishments have more than 100 machines available for players. They no longer have anything to do with their ancestors, now it’s a concentrate of technology featuring endearing characters, in animations of all kinds during your games. The latest development is of course the integration of 3D which makes them even more attractive.

Evolution is rapid

Now, slot machines are appearing on new online casinos that could be accessed from any device, such as smartphones and tablets. These are obviously where you will find them in the future, allowing you to play anytime, real or fun, whatever. How far will slot machines go is a question that we cannot answer for the moment, but the success of these and the current developments promise us great things.