Online Roulette

Online Roulette is a very sparkling game that has a multitude of lovers among its ranks. This game became very popular since it first appeared in the 17th century. Surely, no one ever imagined that the combination of numbers and colors would conquer us. It is believed that this game came from the hand of the French mathematician Blaise Pascal who christened it “la roulette”. It spread quickly and a multitude of versions appeared. The ones that stood out the most: European, American, and French Roulette. Today we can easily access all versions of this online casino game and enjoy the live games. The game of Roulette is simple and provides fun that conquers from the first moment.

Top places to play

Although there are several versions, that you can find in the most exciting Uk online casinos they are all very similar. In Roulette, the games are fast and very large amounts can be won. If you are starting out, a good option that you can take advantage of is free Roulette. This will help you practice before playing for real money. In addition, online casinos offer bonuses to attract new customers and reward casino loyalists. These bonuses are a good advantage and will help you win at virtual roulette. Bonuses are very useful to increase the balance or have a starting money to play.

How to play Online Roulette

  • Choose your casino and sign up to play.
  • Choose the version of Roulette you prefer from the menu.
  • Place your bet on your favorite number or on several numbers.
  • If when you spin the Roulette the ball lands on the number you have chosen, you have won! The dealer must pay the players who have chosen the number where the ball has landed.

 Basic Online Roulette rules

When it comes to playing, it is important that you know the game mechanics well. Online roulette is a simple and very exciting game. In addition, it enjoys great prestige among players. But like all games, you must follow some basic rules to play. Among the rules, the most important thing is that you respect when you must bet. Remember that you can only bet when the dealer says, “place your bets”. At that time, you can bet on the number you prefer. Choose one or more numbers. The moment the dealer says, “no more”, the bets are closed, from that moment on, it is not possible to bet. Also there are many roulette and casino strategies that you can apply to improve your winning chances.

Types of Online Roulette

There are different versions of this game that you can find in any online casino. But regardless of which one you prefer, it its always advisable to have an strategy like the ones that can offer you.

American Roulette

American roulette has two zeros and 38 numbers. The numbers go from 0 to 36 counting the double zero as one more number. Its double zero makes it one of the versions with a greater advantage for the house and more risk for the players.

European Roulette

European roulette is what is known as classical Roulette. This version is a mix between American and French Roulette. It has a single zero and 37 numbers. In European Roulette in some online casinos the “En Prison” rule is applied which gives players an advantage. If the ball lands on 0 and par, the player can get half the bet back. You also have the option to get it all back and bet it on the next round.

French Roulette

It is played at large tables with bets on both sides of the central part of the mat. It has 37 numbers and a single zero, counting the numbers from 0 to 36. The game of French Roulette gives a greater advantage to the players. Unlike the other versions, the rule of “La Partage” applies. With this rule, if the ball lands on 0, only half the bet on the pairs is lost.