Online Poker

Online Poker is one of the most prestigious games and a true symbol among players. Although here it is appreciated that luck is on our side, this game requires a good dose of skill and strategy, just like online Blackjack. People say about Poker that you can win even without luck! This is one of the best-regarded games among gamers. But, until recently, it was quite limited, and commuting was inevitable. With online Poker, those of us who love this game, have regained the excitement of gambling. Poker is felt, experienced and makes us enjoy the game with real adrenaline rush. And the best part, we can also play Poker for freeand even it versions on live online casinos!

Top places to play

Poker is a game that mixes skill and luck; here betting is intensely enjoyed. The risk can be very high, and the excitement shoots up quickly in every hand.

In Poker the goal is to get the best hand or combination to win. Although there are several winning Poker combinations, it is a game where strategy carries a lot of weight. When it comes to betting, a large percentage of players fold, despite having good cards to play. In this game the argument of “bluffing” is well known, because it is difficult to know if your opponent has a good hand.

How to play online Poker

Poker is an exciting game and one of the most entertaining in the best online gambling sites that can be found by visiting Unlike other games, poker has mechanics that can be more complicated. So, if you want to play Online Poker you must follow the steps listed below:

  • Choose your online casino and sign up to play.
  • In the games section, choose Poker and a table.
  • Is important to know that the most common Poker version that you can find in any online casino is the Texas Hold’em.
  • The dealer will then deal 5 poker cards to each player, starting with the one immediately to their left. You will have to accept the cards and make a bet.
  • Shifts and bets. Players take turns speaking in the order of the deal followed by the dealer.
  • On your turn to speak, you can check, ask for cards, or bet again. If you bet, the rest of the players must match that bet. If it is another player who makes the bet, to accept it you also must call or raise it. Otherwise you must fold and leave the hand.
  • When everyone has finished talking it is time to check the cards and see the poker plays.

Best Poker Hands

  • The Royal Flush. It is the best combination. To obtain it, you must have 5 cards from 10 to Ace that are of the same suit.
  • The Staircase of Color. Get 5 successive cards of the same suit.
  • The Poker. It consists of having 4 cards of the same value.
  • It is achieved by having 3 cards of the same value and 2 more cards that also share value.
  • The color. It is about 5 different cards but of the same suit.
  • 5 cards in a row, where neither suit nor color matters.
  • The Trio. It is formed with 3 cards that share the same value.
  • The Double Couple. You must have two pairs of the same number.
  • The couple. It is obtained with 2 cards that are identical in value.
  • The highest card. If neither player has an ideal combination to win, the highest card is played.